Night Sky - Rustic Colorado
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Ghost of Ironton

Milky Way taken in the ghost town of Ironton, which is between Ouray and Silverton in the Red Mountain Mining District. Ironton was founded in 1883 and about a dozen old homesteads still remain. And if you like ghost stories...we lit the inside of the house with a small flashlight with my baseball cap on top of it to diffuse the light, and after about 25 photos, a very loud bang came out of the house. We were the only ones around at about 10pm. My friend was 15 feet away, helping me light paint the exterior of the house. "Did you hear that?" she said loudly. Um, yeah, I heard that. Not sure if it was a critter, or a ghost of Ironton, but we finished up, collected our light from inside, and called it a night.

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